Key Personnel

Key Personnel


Ron Voreh - Founder


Deanna Voreh - Owner

  • Tracks all employees and sub-contractors expenses.
  • Responsible for all receivables and payables.
  • In charge of all special order products.
  • Responsible for all financial obligations and insurance requirement enforcement.
  • Manages all software and required training.
  • Writes all invoices.
  • Monitor safety program.   

Beth Cargal

Lead Project Manager

  • Tracks expenditures and reports to General Manager.
  • Provides the customer with a proposal or bid that outlines how we will complete the project, including how long it will take and how much it will cost.
  • Ensures any building work is carried out in accordance with local or national laws and industry regulations and ensures the laborer's working environment is safe.
  • Responsible for ordering all building materials.
  • Offers guidance to laborers and engineers to ensure tasks are correctly prioritized and that the tools and machinery required for the project are supplied.
  • Responsible for the financial management of the building projects.
  • When there are problems like errors or unexpected delays, finds solutions so that the project still finishes on time and at the promised price.
  • Compiles data detailing expenditures on building materials, labor costs and design expenses and conducts financial analysis to ensure a project is running on schedule and within financial parameters.
  • Hires and negotiates the terms with sub-contractors and resolves any disputes that may arise.
  • Responsible for obtaining any relevant licenses or legal permits needed to begin building work.

Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher

  • Data processing.
  • Daily monitoring and responding to several crews and systems in the field.
  • Entering and changing information in local computer databases.
  • Monitoring proprietary prices and tracking job materials and hours per project to insure accurate accountability.
  • Check in with crews every 2 hours and/or when a project is completed updating our work order and approved estimates, (SO) systems.
  • Gathers an accurate list of all materials used for each project to track inhouse inventory and for proprietary item list accuracy .
  • Insures that the crews take accurate pictures before, during and after projects are completed and saves the pictures to daily files assigned to the specific work order or approved estimate numbers assigns to crew’s files.

Mike Gutierrez

Master Electrician

I have been in the Electrical Trade since 2003. Experienced in Residential, Commercial, Solar, and Industrial. Some of my work strategy is that I communicate effectively to clarify complex data and sensitive info which helps project progression and timely completion. I am big on Quality and Safety, I like to maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures. I have worked on small to multi-million dollar projects. I had the opportunity to work for one of the biggest electrical contractors in California and South Texas. Overall, I'm just a simple guy, a father and a husband.

Neil Reynoso


  • Supervise jobs that are in progress and look for ways to improve production and make sure there is enough materials to keep the job going without delay.
  • Walk all completed projects for punch out work during the job as it progresses and final walk after it's completed.
  • Help with the field measurements and picture so we can improve our bid turnaround timeline.
  • Maintain the side lot by keeping all materials stored in an orderly manner.
  • Make sure all dumping of trash is done timely.
  • Make sure all the trailers are kept clean and locked at the end of each day.
  • Maintain a clean warehouse and keep things in their designated areas.
  • Repairs to equipment as needed.
  • Run small service call work that mainly entails looking over things and reporting back to the office to schedule repairs.
  • Pick up all materials that the crews may need for the next day or take materials to a crew that need the items during the day as needed.
  • Keep our fleet clean and organized.