Key Personnel

Key Personnel


Ron Voreh

Owner / General Manager
  • Control all advertising and brand management.
  • Control and design the content of our company web site.
  • Develop business plans and projections.
  • Proprietary price control and job quoting system management.
  • Development and monitoring of apprenticeship program to train employees to become journeyman in specific trades.
  • Oversee project management department with emphasis on quality of work and budget control.
  • Develop long term goals for the company.
  • Handle major incidents that cannot be resolved by key staff members.

Deanna Voreh

 Co-Owner / Director of Personnel

  • Tracks all employees and sub-contractors expenses.
  • Responsible for all receivables and payables.
  • In charge of all special order products.
  • Responsible for all financial obligations and insurance requirement enforcement.
  • Manages all software and required training.
  • Writes all invoices.
  • Monitor safety program.   

Beth Cargal

Lead Project Manager

  • Tracks expenditures and reports to General Manager.
  • Provides the customer with a proposal or bid that outlines how we will complete the project, including how long it will take and how much it will cost.
  • Ensures any building work is carried out in accordance with local or national laws and industry regulations and ensures the laborer's working environment is safe.
  • Responsible for ordering all building materials.
  • Offers guidance to laborers and engineers to ensure tasks are correctly prioritized and that the tools and machinery required for the project are supplied.
  • Responsible for the financial management of the building projects.
  • When there are problems like errors or unexpected delays, finds solutions so that the project still finishes on time and at the promised price.
  • Compiles data detailing expenditures on building materials, labor costs and design expenses and conducts financial analysis to ensure a project is running on schedule and within financial parameters.
  • Hires and negotiates the terms with sub-contractors and resolves any disputes that may arise.
  • Responsible for obtaining any relevant licenses or legal permits needed to begin building work.

Amanda Hudman

Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher

  • Investigate customer's problems and find solutions.
  • Communicate with customers via phone, email, or letter.
  • Resolve complaints and order issues.
  • Ask customers to provide feedback on job performance and customer service experience.
  • Oversee product exchanges and returns.
  • Schedules and coordinates all daily work orders and estimate appointments.
  • Dispatching of crews and gathering all relavent information intering the job comments into the work order system.

David Skelton

Master Electrician

License #235080

Just a brief history of myself: I got my start in the electrical trade in 1989 with Skelton electrical contractors as an apprentice with my father. I have been a part of many types of the electrical trades from million dollar homes to many institutional type facilities. I have many years in the oil and gas industry, from an I&E tech to heavy power line construction, and as a manager. I have assisted in upgrading several schools in Texas. Safety and quality electrical installation have always been a priority of mine, and I still enjoy the electrical trade and serving the industry. I am happily married to my wife Jennifer, and we have five kids and four grandkids. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, and enjoying time with the family.